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Ivy Collage Collection

About Ivy Collage Collection

The Ivy Collage Collection is a series of square, 3000x3000px .PNG collages created from hand-cut physical source material. This collection of artworks brings the physical world into digital format, creating a unique way for Ivy Sirena to express their complex, undefinable ideas and emotions. This collection is available through



/IVYFILM/ is a series of .mp4 NFTs created using physical paintings mapped onto 3D objects. Each NFT is 1440x2160pixels at 29.97fps. Mixed media, watercolor, acrylic, and more are scanned used to create the textures in 3D space. This series is available on and is minted to the Tezos blockchain.


GhostMarket NFT Series

About Ivy's Photography Series

Ivy Sirena has a large collection of digital and analog original photographs. This collection will come to represent years of photographic works, the earliest ones being circa 2011. Ivy continues to shoot photos to this day, and the collection will continue to grow. This collection is available through